Friday, 19 July 2013

Here Is Marks Final Movie Edit from 2012

Here Is Marks Final Movie Edit from 2012
"its in two parts due to size"
(any playback Issues scroll down and read the post)

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Playback Problems? BOTH Parts of this movie contain THREE pieces of music that are copyrighted to other companies. So they have placed an Advert on each of the videos. 
If you are watching this on a mobile phone or Embedded in a web page that BLOCKS Google adds...
Then the video simply wont play for you.. 
I DON'T Recommend enabling 3rd Party Cookies just to watch these...
 Try Using Another Browser, or the YouTube official APP for your mobile device

Here are the DIRECT LINKS to YouTube..
 The Movie PART 01 HERE
The Movie PART 02 HERE

Copywrite Information for further details...

These are the claims on part 1 of 2

These are the claims on part 2 of 2

As Highlander is already a (c) Trademark and they have that Highlander Reboot / Remake
In progress, one has no idea how long this will be available to watch
(let alone a total of 6 claims throughout the whole movie)
So if you have ANY form of YouTube Video Downloader
I Would Recommend Downloading The Film

After 6/7 years of work, and well over 25 Edits of ALL the movies (1,2 and 3)
It would be nice to no that this is out their for people to see...

I am still not 100% happy with it, but tbh im done working on projects i don't own
also to many cooks spoil the broth...
so this is it, Download It While You Can....

This Is ALL Marks Editing Within This Video
(besides the car park, i think, after so many movie edits, ide actually have to check lmao)


  1. very nice.... bring more characters to the series... friends females... good battles.. training and new adventures...

    1. Thanks, I have a couple of interviews from 2009 to add to the blog were we chat about where it was going and the reasons behind taking it from a little youtube sword fight into a movie :)

  2. There Can Be Only One.. May It Be Joey Boswell lolz
    Scousers do highlander, pretty cool guys, especially after reading the history behind it and seeing all the limitations and issues.. great movie...

    1. we did have an exact joey boswell moment pmsfl,
      but it was hidden really well with a change in camera view whilst still speaking
      the full "Frontal Clip" when he says (thats ok.. its u am ere 2 c anyway)
      was awful till it was edited to show half front & half back while talking
      Scouse body language is so not Duncan under that bridge in the full clip hahaha

  3. Yep the edits kept rolling in because i was never happy and more effects and ideas kept popping up so my head was everywhere. And even tho the last edit has now been finally uploaded thanks to the wraith. im now once again working on hrw not that i have airplane access and pilot training so new camera shots and locations may be implamented